Look at what our clients have to say...

"I first went to Nivia through a mutual friend as a referral 5 years ago. Nivia knew exactly what my hair needed. It was damaged, thinning and not growing. She introduced me to a natural treatment & product that I to this day I have been continually coming back to Nivia for. Nivia cares about the health of your hair and what hair styles & colour suit you best. She is always inviting and friendly. Her products are unique & natural and that is very important to me. I recommend her to my family and friends. Today my hair is full and healthy and growing beautifully. Thanks Nivia!"
- Laura Welsh

"I have always hated my hair, but since I had a Brazilian keratin treatment by Nivea several years ago, I love it! My hair is manageable and I can't tell you how many compliments I get. I no longer have to worry about a humid or rainy day. I have referred several of my co-workers and they have been thrilled with the results. Nivea also has done numerous cuts and colours on my hair and my hair has never been healthier. I won't go anywhere else to have my hair done."
- Barb Koehler

"Nivia has been cutting my hair since 2006. I cannot say enough about her attention to detail. She has a upbeat bubbly personality and is a pleasure to be around. A men's haircut is perceived as easy and straightforward. Nivia excels and always takes the extra time to ensure that your hair is even, and neatly cut. I have followed her when she has changed locations and will continue to do so for years to come."
- Geoffrey Johnson

"Hi my name is Nancy, I want to talk about my experience with Nivia Bozyk I met Nivia about 16 years ago, I called her up didn't know at the time she would be my hairdresser from that day on, I asked her if she could give me a perm and she said sure, but when I got to the salon it was a different story she didn't want to give me a perm, I kept telling her that I needed a perm because my hair is so fine, well she talked me out of it and did a colour and highlights and cut, and from that day on I've been with Nivia. And have never got another perm, I am so thankful that she talked me out of perms.. My hair is so much healthier now, and she is a great hairdresser, I always enjoyed going to Nivias for my hair needs, she is a wonderful person."
- Nancy Sharpe

"Nivia, you are amazing! I can always count on you to do my hair exactly how I ask you to do it. The color turned out perfect and very natural. The hair treatment you did with Olaplex really helped replenish and nourish my hair. Even down to styling my hair with some curls... I walk out feeling brand new and so beautiful!! Thank you so much!"
- Cynthia Den Ouden

"I drive all the way from Oakville to see Nivia because she's just that good! I've been getting my hair cut, coloured and Brazilian Keratin treatment by Nivia for 5 years now and she is absolutely fantastic! Nivia is an awesome experienced, knowledgeable personable and skilled hairdresser. She listened to what I wanted for my hair; regarding the Brazilian Keratin treatment my hair was exactly what I wanted, smoother, straighter and easily manageable. She also a great colorist and the highlighted was awesome. I highly recommend her!"
- Cristina

"Until I visited Nivia about 2 years ago, I have had very frizzy hair forcing me to always wear it in a ponytail . Nivia gave me a Brazilian keratin treatment. I have to say it was the best money I have ever spent. For the past 2 years my hair has been smooth and straight like I always envisioned it. Nivia and her team provide excellent service at a very reasonable price and are always informed about the latest trends and products in hair care. I have recommended Nivia to a few of my friends and will continue to do do."
- Andrea Canhas

"I met Nivia about 5 years ago. I brought my son for an emergency hair cut before his first day of school:) She accommodated us immediately, and was so welcoming and friendly. She became my hair dresser and good friend ever since. Nivia is amazing and so gifted at cutting and colouring hair. Love the highlights she can do too!! She offers numerous different hair treatments that help restore and add life to your hair. The Brazilian Keratin treatment is one of my favourites, and I have been doing for years!! Truly I am so thankful for you Nivia and for having you in my life xo!!"
- Tanya Hannigan

"I love going to Studio West. From the first day I walked into the salon two years ago and had my hair cut, coloured and styled, I knew that this was the place for me. I have never walked out disappointed. If I want a slight change, I know that Nivea and her team are happy to oblige. In fact, all three team members love what they do and ALWAYS make sure that you are more than satisfied before you walk out.
Recently Debra joined Nivea & Gorget making Studio West a one stop shop for me. Now, I have my hair done, my nails manicured and my face rejuvenated all in one visit. Debra's use of natural products is a big plus for me as is her knowledge base and her technique.
I really appreciate the warm, positive environment that is Studio West. There's no pretense, there's no rushing. Nivea, Gorget and Debra, you are now my Dream Team. I've recommended Studio West to my neighbours and friends and they too are just as pleased as I am.
- Diana R.

"A peculiarity with the shape of my nape always meant that I had to "guide" the stylist on how to cut the back of my hair. That helped somewhat, but it usually meant I had to redo it when I got home. When I walked into Studio West 2 years ago all that changed; Nivea gave me a perfect cut. I was surprised but delighted that I had found someone who listened, understood and was able to execute a cut that accommodated my needs. Whether I'm in the mood for a more traditional stye or one that is trending at the moment, Nivea and her team can make it come to life.
I like the fact that now I can walk into the salon and enjoy the convenience of a total makeover: hair, manicure and facial. Thank you Nivea, Gorget and Debra for a job well done.
- Elizabeth P.

"I am in complete "awe" of this treatment. I have fought with unruly, fried, broken, frizzy hair my entire life. I have tried EVERYTHING! This is the first thing that I am so excited to say has worked and it is like MAGIC. To anyone that is skeptical, it is worth one try and you will see it is for real. Life will be so much easier without fighting so much with my hair. And the salon experience was positive - very good atmosphere and friendly I have been to this wonderful saloon several times ! See you in 6 months!"
- Best regards, RS

"I went to Studio West Hair for their Taninoplasty hair treatment and was thrilled with the service, results, and very competitive price. I was so happy that I went back a second time after my hair grew out. I first went in September 2015 and returned in March 2016.
My hair is long and naturally dark, curly, frizzy, and dry. The treatment helped to straighten my hair, remove the frizz, and add moisture/shine. It saves me a great deal of time and saves my hair from damage as I generally don't have blow dry and ceramic straighten my hair for it to lie flat. Most mornings I let my hair air dry. If I want it super straight, it takes only a few minutes to straighten with a blow dryer.
In addition to being satisfied with the treatment, I canny speak highly enough of the stylists. Both Nivia and Gorget are knowledgable and skilled. They explained the process step by step and were honest about the anticipated results. The process takes a number of hours to complete, but the time flew by, as Nivia and Gorget are incredibly friendly and kind, and they create a very comfortable environment. Further, they offered magazines, water, and coffee. Adding to the comfort, they maintain the salon in clean and pristine condition.
I plan to go back for further treatments, and encourage others to do the same!
- Rebecca